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Buganda Royal Institute Department of Business Studies Courses

Buganda Royal Institute Department of Business Studies; See details on Buganda Royal Institute Department of Business Studies

The World’s developed economies achieved this success through building a strong private sector. Uganda today subscribes to this ideological orientation, with support from the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU). Government envisages that it would primarily focus on provision of national security and economic infrastructure (e.g Transport Infrastructure, Electricity, Water for Production, etc), while the Private Sector would steer the production of goods and services to realize the aspirations of the Vision 2040.

However, there cannot be Private Sector without well established and professionally managed business entities. The Department of Business therefore comes in to ensure the availability of competent professionals in business world. The Institute contributes to this cause through offering market oriented Programs that are pertinent to business establishment, survival and growth. They include diploma and certificate in:

  • Business Administration,
  • Purchasing and Supplies Management,
  • Marketing,
  • Accountancy, and
  • Secretarial Studies.

The Diploma in Business Administration is designed to equip business oriented students with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and solve business puzzles. Briefly, the Program introduces students to Managerial Approaches and Entrepreneurship for own business start ups and or being employed by business entrepreneurs. The training encompasses how to start up an income generating activity, monitoring its growth as well as making right investment decisions for business sustainability.

The Diploma in Accountancy (UDA) is designed to prepare students for real accounting practice. This program enables one to serves in different capacities e.g, Accounts Technician, Cashier, Clerks, and there is room for upgrading in advanced accounting.

On the other hand, the Diploma in Secretarial Studies would enable students to become Clerical Officers, Administrative Assistants and Professional Secretaries. Buganda Royal is cognizant of the changing secretarial duties and technologies. The Institute therefore ensures that trainees are equipped with necessary secretarial knowledge and skills to match the changing environment in modern Business and Office Management.

The Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management is designed as a management tool for students who wish to become Junior or Middle level Procurement Officers or Procurement Supervisors. Alternatively, a student who offers this Program can become a Clearing Agent, Tax Consultant, Purchasing Executive, Contract Officers, Logistics Analysts, Store Keepers or Inventory Managers. The Program focuses on organizational procedures followed in the process of identifying, selecting, and provision of the required organizational items. Therefore, the program provides skills relating to negotiations, planning risk management, and data analysis.


Lastly, the Diploma in Marketing prepares students to develop skills and knowledge in marketing their own or other companies’ products (goods and/or services). The central focus of this Program is on for instance; formulating marketing strategies, market analysis, studying and evaluating marketing trends, and understanding consumer behavior, among others. This Program would therefore enable a student to become successful Sales Persons, Marketers, Marketing Executives, Product Managers, or Brand Managers.

Therefore, explore your potential and be supported by Buganda Royal Institute to realize your dream. Join BRIBTE to become self employer and at the same time help to change the mindset of other Ugandans from seeking employment to job creation. We are in the world where service provision has become the order of the day. This makes students with background in any of the above business fields to easily find entry points into the labor market, either as job creators or as professional service employees.


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