Kampala Polytechnic Mengo Diploma Courses 2021/2022

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List Of Diploma Courses Offered At Kampala Polytechnic Mengo

Kampala Polytechnic Mengo Diploma Courses; See details on Kampala Polytechnic Mengo Diploma Courses

National Diploma in Civil Engineering (NDCE)
This course is intended for those students who want to qualify as civil Engineering technicians. It also acts as a bridge to those who desire to pursue Higher Diploma in Construction or a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, civil Engineering or Building economics in future.

2.2.2 National Diploma in Architecture (NDA)

The NDA course is intended for those students who wish to qualify as Architectural Draftsmen. It can act as a bridge to those who desire to pursue a Higher Diploma in construction and or a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering or Building Economics in future.

2.2.3 National Diploma in Water Engineering (NDWSE)

This course intended for those students who may wish to qualify as water Engineering technicians. It also acts as a bridge to those who may wish to pursue a higher Diploma in Construction or a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Future.


2.2.4 National Diploma in Electrical and electronics Engineering (NDEE)

This course is intended for those students who may wish to qualify as Electrical and Electronics technicians. It is also intended for those students who are interested in pursuing a Higher Diploma or a bachelor’s degree in either of the following fields.


(i)        Electrical Engineering

  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering.

2.2.5 National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (NDME)

This course is intended for students who may wish to qualify as Mechanical technicians. The course also acts as a bridge for those interested in pursuing a Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or a bachelor’s degree in either mechanical or Production Engineering.

2.2.6 National Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (NDRA)

This one year course allows students to acquire a broad knowledge of the design, installation and service techniques of refrigeration and air conditioning systems for commercial and residential settings.


2.2.7 National Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Catering (NDHIC)

The growth and development of the hotel and hospitality industry worldwide necessitates training of professional hospitality providers (Waitrons, Cooks, Chefs, and Front Office Associates) to offer quality services for the target markets. The tourism industry under the Ministry of Tourism Wild life and Antiquities is one of the fastest growing sectors in Uganda’s economy. The urge to equip Ugandans with measurable set of knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform a task effectively has called for a review in the curricula. It is vital to ensure that learners gain the best possible competences in order to provide them with a realistic chance of succeeding in today’s highly competitive job market. The quality of training provided should be judged above all by its potential impact on the learners’ performance.

Studying Institutional catering fosters intellectual, social and moral development by assisting learners to think critically about the role they play in communities. The skills acquired shall enhance learners’ confidence and ability to participate effectively in income generating activities; not only as members of the business world, but also as informed citizens dealing with issues emanating from all activities that impact on their lives.



2.2.8 National Diploma in Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Body Therapy (NDCB)

In an increasingly image – conscious society, the cosmetology sector is thriving very fast all around the world. The beauty industry has a reputation of being one of the sectors that have enhanced self-employment world over. It encompasses various types of hairdressing, barbering, skincare, nail services, spa and beauty therapies.

The industry requires people who are good at communication, customer care, enthusiastic, reliable, and with plenty of stamina to work with minimal supervision. There has however, been a wide spread of beauty services managed by semi-literate entrepreneurs with rudimentary skills. National Curriculum Development Centre has therefore developed this syllabus to provide learners with a taste of this hardworking, fashion-conscious industry and open their doors into the exciting world of beauty.

The syllabus is in line with the CBET principles to ensure that learners acquire the best competences required for one to setup an income generating activity.
The syllabus emphasises execution of real life projects that build up learners’ capacities as they demonstrate competences of prime importance to their careers. Learners will be trained to enhance natural beauty of their clients and make them proud of themselves. It will enable them to be creative, innovative, and able to start and run own businesses so as to reduce on the rampant unemployment problems in the country.



2.2.9 National Diploma in Fashion and Garment Design (NDFD)

National Diploma in Fashion and Garment Design (NDFD) curriculum is aimed at producing fashion designers who are relevant to the industry and world of work. It is learner-centered and competence-based. It emphasizes acquisition of skills by the learners, through practical teaching and execution of projects.

The curriculum is in line with the BTVET Act of 2008, the BTVET strategic plan ‘’Skilling Uganda’’ and the Uganda vision 2040.

The competences that the learner is expected to acquire are clearly spelt out in the modules covered in each academic year. The modules offered in this course are packaged in a manner that will enable the learner acquire skills in performing specific tasks at a given level during the course of study.

Modules such as Computer Applications, Basic Kiswahili and life Skills, are aimed at enhancing the learner’s computer literacy, report writing, and communication skills.

In addition, the following modules: Tailoring Technology, Textile science, Pattern drafting, Fashion and Design practice and Real Life Project are aimed at equipping the learner with the core hands-on skills and techniques in the field of Fashion Design.
Vocational Mathematics Iare aimed at improving the learner’s ability to judge, make decisions, estimate and cost materials and labour, analyze data and understand trends in the world of work. The Entrepreneurship Skills module provides the learner with the skills of starting up, profitably managing and sustaining an enterprise in an ethical manner.


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